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Babila Home

Decorative Handmade Copper Handmade Tray

Decorative Handmade Copper Handmade Tray

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100% Copper Decorative Shiny Handmade Tray - 32 cm X 22 cm

Enhance your space with our exquisite 100% Copper Decorative Shiny Handmade Tray, measuring 32 cm X 22 cm. Handcrafted to perfection, this stunning piece adds timeless elegance to any setting. Perfect for serving or as a decorative accent. Elevate your home decor with artisan craftsmanship. 


Hand washes with liquid detergent.
Do not machine wash.
Do not contact water with bleach.
After washing, dry it with a soft cloth.
Do not clean with hard sponges.
Due to the nature of the copper mine, copper color can be oxidized.
You can clean oxidized with lemon.
The item is unique to its customers.

Minor differences and irregularities can be seen in one product compared to another.
Responsibly sourced from Istanbul, Turkey.


Brand: Babila Home
Content: Copper / Handmade by Turkish Artisans & Designers

Please get in touch with us for more information and pictures.

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